Monday, October 22, 2007

Laogzed Podcast Launch

I have decided to venture further into the human internet. Troglodytes have an internet, but it is actually a series of tubes inlaid surreptitiously in the depths of your sewer systems. We post mostly goos and other exudations. Anyhow, you can upload my commentaries onto your mp3 receptacle so you can mull over the intricacies of my, well, my mullings. So, here it is: Mull in Audio format. The Laogzed Podcast has launched! Click your tender fingers on your computer apparatus here to hear my voice!


Anonymous said...

This is the first warning. Trogs willl be contained. Even if they have leanered our language- this will not be olerated. Laogzed is no god. There ar eno more gods, not for troggs not for humans.

THe sword id mightier than the sword

Sir Justice, the decimator

Laogzed said...

decimate only means reduce by 10 percent. perhaps you need to leaner your language a little bit better. anywise, the troglodyte population is reduced by 10 percent bi-annually by our pickle festivals.

we are contained. we just like to eat a few children here and there. what's the harm? Get a hold of yourself, man. you seem to not have a grip on reality, much less a sword.