Thursday, October 18, 2007

So, how about that local sports team?

I guess it should be noted that if the Cleveland "Indians" are beaten by the Boston "Red Sox" then it appears that we will have...what do they call it? There's a name for that thing when the Mets play the Yankees. Some stupid name they have for it, but everyone was getting excited about it when I was living in New York. Anyhow, I don't really care about sports, but I'm always for the local sports team winning. Unless it's the Yankees. I don't like the Yankees. Unless they'd get Bugs Bunny back on their team. I'm happy as long as the Yankees don't win, because I've had bad experiences with Yankees fans.

Anyhow, at the risk of deflating everything that can be deflated, I'm happy if either the Red Sox or the Rockies win. And I'm even happier if the Indians win, because Pere Ubu is from Cleveland.

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