Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leningrad Cowboys - My Way

Bon voyage siblings...good luck!

Leningrad Cowboys - You're My Heart You're My Soul

Leningrad Cowboys - Stairway To Heaven

Leningrad Cowboys - Pretty Fly For A White Guy

In honor of Sloppy and THOD's magnificent journey-- a compilation of videos from Finland's greatest band...

Monday, June 25, 2007

It all comes together. (Right now.)

All Bush and Ahmadinajan want to do is rock our world.

If the Illuminati blows it up (the bastards) we know it's punk's fault.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here are pictures of town and environs that specializes in spicy chicken, dakgalbi. The pictures were taken by Hana, not shown. She's sensitive about photos of her on my website because she has many open sores on her face. Also shown are Steve, Charlie, Jieun and Markitect.

12 more days in Korea(!?)

I can't freaking believe it. It's spinning my wee little head. I guess I better start packing.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dipshits and their sciences

I don't know what they're thinking. Oh, i'm supposed to be a sarcastic, no wait, angry and sloppy. Well, how about lazy:

LifeGem®. More than a Breakthrough.

Created Individually For You

High-quality created diamonds have been present for many years. These diamonds are created by placing carbon, the primary element of all diamonds, in conditions that recreate the forces of nature. The LifeGem® process differs by using an exact carbon source to create a beautiful and meaningful diamond tribute for you and your family.

In summary, here is how we create your LifeGem diamond...

Step 1. Carbon Capture - Now, after extensive research and development, we have discovered how to extract the carbon from a lock of hair. This advanced and delicate procedure has been specifically designed to capture almost all of the available carbon in a lock of hair. Our technology works only in a special high-nitrogen, low-oxygen atmosphere. We have refined this process to ensure the maximum available carbon for your LifeGem diamond(s).

Originally, we began the LifeGem creation process by capturing carbon from existing remains of your loved one's standard cremation. While we can, and still do, use this process for those who have previously lost a loved one, capturing carbon from a lock of hair means a LifeGem diamond is now available for anyone choosing cremation or burial... or if you purely want to create a symbol of your precious bond with someone you love.

Step 2. Purification - Once captured, this carbon is heated to extremely high temperatures under special conditions. While removing the existing ash, this process converts your loved one’s carbon to graphite with unique characteristics and elements that will create your one-of-a-kind LifeGem diamond like no other in this world.

Step 3. Creation - To create your LifeGem®, we now place this graphite in one of our unique diamond presses, which replicate the awesome forces deep within the earth - heat and pressure. The more time in the press, the larger the rough diamond crystal that results.

Step 4. Certification - Finally, our skilled diamond cutters facet your LifeGem diamond(s) according to your wishes, laser etch your unique identifier on the girdle, and certify it for authenticity. All LifeGem diamonds are individually inspected, graded, and identified by world-renowned gemologists trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The world’s finest jewelers use this same certification process.
A diamond that takes millions of years to occur naturally can now be created from the carbon of your loved one in about twenty-four weeks. (Blue LifeGem diamonds may take longer.)

Get the Beethoven Carbon LifeDiamond! Every gemologists's dream. DreamGem, made from dead hair.

A Test of Humanity

A reverse Turing test.

Actually, it's a CAPTCHA, which is one of those programs that let's a computer determine whether you are a human or not.

But since you can tell the computer isn't a human, then it's not really a reverse Turing test. What a scam.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Forget Blu-Ray

All I hear about from my students is Cheezie-puggs. Faster and more digital.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why I might vote Republican in 2008

Ted might be on to something here. The Republicans might actually listen to what their constituency has to say; as much in the minority as I might be. Okay, from now on, I'm a radical atheist socialist-anarcho-libertarian who advocates the separation of the Democrats from the state. It's a one party system, get used to it!

Pro-war/Anti-war '08!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Looking Through Gary Killbot's eyes

This thing, photosynth is terrifyingly amazing.

Exploitation of the Proletariat

What Sarcasmus neglected to note was the kind of animal the military will be exploiting for their robot army.

This is not as efficient as simply raising the undead to protect the dying:

The enemy may also at some point rely on sexually exploited decoys to distract the robo-rescuers:

The inanimate are exploited in the wars of the animate. All has been foretold by Mama X. A revolution, the likes of which is before unseen, will surely soon be on our hands. Treat your inanimates well for tomorrow they may rebel and no longer will their love be available for sale.

The Economics of Robot Warfare

Why are they building robots to carry away troops? Doesn't this put the entire genre of Science Fiction to shame? Robots are supposed to fight our wars...or does that put a limit on the political value of war? I have always been a fan of robot wars, and I always predicated my fandom on the idea that the future would be nothing but a robotic holocaust. But now I guess we have to wait for robots to develop feelings and genitals so that we have a real attachment to them and that way they would be worth sacrificing to a "political" cause, whether it be the so-called spreading of "democracy", or a strategic land and oil grab. (Need I say it?) Are we afraid of creating mindless killing machines? (I didn't think so.)

As a former scoutmaster explained to my scout troop the scout meeting before a skeet shoot, every time a man is wounded in combat, we lose a total of three soldiers because two men have to haul the bleeder back. So if you take the total number of wounded in the current Iraq conflict, officially 23,000, you can times that number by 3 for effective loses. I know my estimate doesn't equate to actual loses in soldiers because after the men haul the bleeder back they probably quickly or somewhat quickly return to the front, depending on the situation. But even if my estimate is wildly off, economically, you can see that it is probably more efficient to build a robot that hauls troops rather than one that kills them. First of all, any soldier that goes down the other soldiers can leave for dead. No interruption, just pure fighting--that increases the efficiency of the total fighting force at any one time by what, say 150%? (I'm just an English teacher, I have no idea.) Second, a robot-killing machine would have to be taken care of by robot-repairers, so there you go, the same old problem. Of course, if a robot has an arm blown off, it can still go on. Unless it has the aforementioned feelings and genitals, then it may feel real pain and unable to go on and eventually have to be rebooted in the robot mental ward.

So, you see, those military guys really know what they're doing.

A Can of Refresh

after the last post:

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A lesson, learned.

I may be bordering the good-taste line here, but as a life-long documentarian, I thought it was important to include this:

That's the elbow of my Father's friend Brad. It has been that way for 15 years. It has never properly healed. It happened in a motorcycle accident. Apparently someone or something hit him, and his elbow was dragged along a concrete wall for awhile.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Korea until now

When in doubt, upload a bunch of photos.

(that's a Breakfast King T-shirt!)

Not this is what I call a hobby. Don't worry thod, I'm not smoking. I was trying to smoke out the mosquitos.

Now this is what I call a hobby: (Lots of business opportunities in the Far East.)

Leftovers from Geunju, Daegu and Busan:

my most very cute PIP class:

deokbokki, mandu and noodles:

the noraebang: