Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Okay, so this is strange. Admittedly, mentally, I've been in a strange state of mind lately; not sleeping regularly, watching lots of movies one after another in a trance, having weird dreams. But this morning I was quite surprised to find a mottled banana underneath my pillow. I don't rememember last night quite that well. Sure, you say, I must have been drinking. No! I haven't had a drop since the weekend--Saturday night when I had two and half beers. I did take a seven hour nap in the afternoon and got up around 9. Then I went to the coffee shop because my home internet wasn't working. There I got a coffee and checked my email. (BTW, I'm looking for a new roommate for my Astoria pad.) The coffee owner guy, a nice guy named Meesh or something, was talking to somebody about this Cassavettes movie where Gena Rowland was going crazy--but he couldn't remember the name of it. I interrupted him and said that every Cassavettes movie basically about Gena Rowland's character going crazy. But I knew which one he meant--but my half-dazed mind couldn't conjure the name of the movie in question. It was A Woman Under the Influence. But I couldn't remember it. I felt stupid because I own all of the Cassavettes movies where Gena Rowlands goes crazy. So I paid and took my coffee home and watched David Letterman (who is getting old and crotchety and therefore better--though the top ten was a racist litany of reasons to suspect that your barber is a member of Al Qaida--maybe I took especial offense because my Astorian barber is a guy named Ali) and ate some of my Chili. Then I drank some orange juice and somewhere along the way I must have brought the banana with me to my room. I tried getting on the internet again and it didn't work and then I played with my audio programs (that's not a euphemism) and then I decided to do some reading. I've been reading the bible the last four years, but I've only just got to the part where Abraham is asked by God to sacrifice Isaac. I didn't get far, and even with all that caffeine in me I was sleepy. (I had just taken my meds too.) And so I turned out the lights, listened to some music and then fell asleep. And in the morning I woke up at 9--that's when my alarm sounded. I have it set to NPR now rather than Air America. And I hit the snooze button probably 10 times. As I got up for whatever reason my hand found its way underneath my pillow and I found a banana. It is still in good shape. It's mottled, not even black. So now I'm going to eat it.

That reminds me, I should get some of Jason's poetry up here on this here ole' blog. He has a great poem about when Noah got drunk. I didn't realize until reading it last night that Noah really did get drunk. I'm eating the banana now. But now I need to go find a job.

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I'm glad to see that you capitalize the word Chili. In the case of your Chili, this is definitely appropriate. Most people make chili. You, my friend, create Chili.