Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Springtime of the Mind

For various reasons, I have felt like crap all week. But suddenly tonight, the atmosphere lightened, the air started smelling sweet, I noticed the birds singing...
The whole universed coalesced into purpose and for a few moments I felt like there was reason to live...
I can't quite pinpoint the exact reason...
Just some oppressive force in my life seems to inexplicably fled here at the month's end...
I can breathe easier...
My palpitations aren't as pronounced and bothersome as they have been...
As if I had electric electrodes clamped to various sensitive points upon my body and they have suddenly been graciously, delicately disconnected. I still throb with the memory of the oppression. But it has now gone. It may bother me no more. I know that the future is uncertain, and I will undoubtably face further oppression. But this one particular set of clamps, chisels and miniature whirring saws will no longer torment me on a daily basis.

I am free.

A billion times better than the New Yorker

Reading random posts from the best of Craig's list.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Funny quote from random blog

Friday found us staying in and watching a movie, the latest box office catastrophe perpetrated by Mr. John Woo, Paycheck. A most ironic title for a movie based yet again on a Philip K. Dick story, who himself spent a large part of his life searching for same.

From izzle something or other.

I haven't checked his credentials. So might be a crypto-fascist.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

How the Fascists might win

By taking control of the borders, first of all.

track number 10, if you like as much bass as you like drum. (Does that make me a fascist? )(Listen only if you have adequate bass.)

And, uh, (Beck?)

Oh noooo!

Trouble. Big time.


I got a wireless connection at home. So this blog is back in action.

I just gotta figure out what to write about.

What do people on the internet do? I'm really glad I'm not paying for this connection. Otherwise I'd feel like I'd have to use it all the time. I just updated all media information for all of my mp3's. I like having them on the computer because I can put it all on random. My favorite random mix so far is putting all of the "black" music I have, ie., Outkast, Prince, Public Enemy, Funkadelic, Madvillain, Derrick May, Tricky and all of the Metallica Albums, which is all of their early ones. It's a good mix.

All it needs is some Beck.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

What we're fighting for

Warning! This is really disturbing.
it's via atrios via attaturk via kos

Last night I was playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas fault, letting the inner-psycho go on a rampage, flaming people on the beach underneath a setting sun. (even the beach towels are flammable.) Making a virtual hell on earth. But I guess it's all terribly real.

Hopefully soon I'll have internet at home.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


First, when I get a job, I hope I will be having as much as fun as these guys!!!!!

Second, isn't it about time you read THE ULTIMATE BLOG!!!!

what people are saying about the "new" star wars:

jake pissoff gave it a0:i never thought id see the day that system of a down comes out with a shitty cd....ive been into system since their jaw-dropping debut....i was there when they did something unbelievable and actually followed it up amasingly....but this is just horrible....too much deron's shitty voice....too poppy not hard at all anymore....they just barely hang on to some of their old syle with byob, cigaro, and this cocain....but i think that the songs that really kill system of a down are the last 2 songs...."old school hollywood baseball?!?!?" that is not system at all....to all of you new school system fans, i hope your all happy that you killed possibly the greatest and most original bands ever.
Lockne O gave it a10:System of a Down is awesome! This CD doesn't just spew political comments (like the reviewers have put it). It's a very good CD with headbanger songs such as "Violent Pornography" and songs that could mean more if you just "feel the music"...
Nic Har gave it a10:I would have to say that this is, perhaps, System of a Downs most artistic and intelligent album. Whereas Toxicity was pure math/prog metal craziness (with a dash of brains), Mezmerize is quick, thrashy, witty, and something not seen in music: creative and actually smart! I really and truely love every song on this album... but it isnt complete... That's why I'm happy that Hypnotize is due out in the next few months. I'm sure that this up and coming album will complete SOAD's true masterpiece!
Vlad A. gave it an8:its funny how snot nosed "professional" reviewers like john robb from playlouder writes that this album kicks the crap out of indie kids' music like its a west coast east coast rap fewd. good music should be recognized as good music by everyone and it just so happens that there is more good indie music than major label produced music. and we all know theres a good reason for that. anyways, im listenin to mezmerize now and its pretty standard SOAD, which to say is very intriguing stuff. i wonder how it will age tho. i cant listen to toxcitiy anymore.
Mark C gave it a9:Woooow. Plain simply, woow! This album is hypnotising (ironic, isn't it). It really is an early contestant for album of the year. Blast beats (oh yes!), death growls, polka, bizarre chanting, thrash riffs and out of this world melodies, all in one consistent and so damn catchy package that can only make me say: «Damn summer, you'd better be short.»
Chris gave it a9:Great album. As good as anything they've ever done. Can't wait for Hypnotize!

Monday, May 23, 2005

You can help me get me this blog going again...

Do you know anything about wireless internet? I am going to buy a pc card wireless for my desktop computer. But I don't know the first thing about the whole deal. The other day a guy came over to look at the room I have for rent and he had his little PDA dealie that he whipped out and he told me that there were at least four unencrypted wireless signals in our apartment. I want to tap onto that. I want to shanghai the internet. How do I do that? Everything's floating out there, you just have to know how to catch it. I want to catch it. Help me.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Why I have no time to blog

I'm busy with this.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Money was invented by a rich man

Angry and sloppy has been and will be on hiatus for a little while. Thank you for your patience. The slate has been cleaned. It's refreshing. But there's nothing to grasp ahold. Build build build.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A long crap ago, in a galaxy fart, fart away

Lucas, Lucas, use the force! Let go, Lucas.

What happened?

He's turned off his computer.

Lukas? You switch off your effects computer.

I'm all right. I want to make good movies. Like the old Lukas did. With likable characters, and mythic storytelling. I want my effects covered in the blood sweat and tears of a commune of hippie geniuses. I'll hire somebody who knows how to write a good script. I'll hire a brilliant director--not necessarily young. I'll fire John William's staff and put a virus in his pro-tools and make him write in all the little dots like he did for the original movies. I'll forget this mad affair with 90's video game philosophy--it's bunk. I'll tear down The Starbucks on the ranch. You get one chance with your movie. You don't get to go back to it. Now, only at the end, do I understand. You make it good the first time. Like I used to. I know I'll never make another A New Hope, much less an Empire Strikes Back. Those movies were products of their times, infused with the ambiguous post-nuclear energy of the waning cold war years. We watched Star Wars and voted for Reagan. Obi wan or Darth Vader--choose your pick. RoTJ--that's all anyone was asking for. Computers suck. Costumes and models are cool. Duh. That's why we don't believe in the new movies. Computers worked for The Matrix because the movie was telling us that none of it was real. Well, WEE-HAA. IT'S NOT FLIPPING REAL, WE CARE A LOT, YES WE A-FLIPPING WEE-HAA DO. (I'm a worse criminal than you know what Jackson for molesting my own movies.) NOTHING'S REAL. WHOA. WIPPITY WEE HAA WEE HAA WEE HAA HAA. JAR JAR'S NOT JAR-WEE-HAH-REAL. Yahoo. Weehaa. WELL FLIPPING WEE-HAA DAMN-IT--AIN'T THAT A BROWN DONIE? Star Wars is REAL to some of us. The OLD ONE. WITH THE DIRTY MATTES. WITHOUT EXTRA DINOSAURS OR BOBA-WHO THE FLIPPING WEE HAA CARES-FETT. OLD ONE.

Wasn't RoTJ about man conquering technology? Is not form married to content? Guess what happens in the old movies--all those beautiful models they made--THEY GET ENTHUSIASTICALLY BLOWN-UP. MAN makes Pretty Things Man Blows em UP.

Now Movies?


Old: Make pretty model.

Blow it up.

You get to blow it up. ONCE.


If it (organic) doesn't blow up (organic) like you thought it would (organic), all the better (organic.) Every (kid) likes to see things blown up. Every(one) likes to see things blown up. REAL THINGS.

Nothing but pixels blow up in NEW. I can do that at home. In my mind.

(As Dave the artist from Kansas said once in only a slightly different context, Where's the religion in that?)

Actually, how's this for symbolism.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

More frustration than anger

This keayboard is making lots of aaa´s. AI´m in Madrid. No time. The Prado is closed todaya anda tomorrow soa IA can´t go in. Luckily Ia went in last month. No goyas thias time...

What is GW doing about terroriasts,, in Texas or MAontana or Russia or the Middle easta keaepainag them from gettainag aanuclear weapons...a.


I don´t want atoa ablow up!!!