Sunday, May 29, 2005

Funny quote from random blog

Friday found us staying in and watching a movie, the latest box office catastrophe perpetrated by Mr. John Woo, Paycheck. A most ironic title for a movie based yet again on a Philip K. Dick story, who himself spent a large part of his life searching for same.

From izzle something or other.

I haven't checked his credentials. So might be a crypto-fascist.

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error said...

Actually, Paycheck is pretty good in its way. Not quite enough humour or terror to actually seem like a Dick fiction, but Ben Whatsishead is enough of a doofus to be one of the Horselover's protagonists, unlike, say, Tom Cruise. Harrison did OK, by being a clever-but-outclassed dumbass, but lacking that kind of real acting, I'll settle for Affleck everyschmucking. Though the car chase is a bit much.