Tuesday, May 24, 2005

what people are saying about the "new" star wars:

jake pissoff gave it a0:i never thought id see the day that system of a down comes out with a shitty cd....ive been into system since their jaw-dropping debut....i was there when they did something unbelievable and actually followed it up amasingly....but this is just horrible....too much deron's shitty voice....too poppy not hard at all anymore....they just barely hang on to some of their old syle with byob, cigaro, and this cocain....but i think that the songs that really kill system of a down are the last 2 songs...."old school hollywood baseball?!?!?" that is not system at all....to all of you new school system fans, i hope your all happy that you killed possibly the greatest and most original bands ever.
Lockne O gave it a10:System of a Down is awesome! This CD doesn't just spew political comments (like the reviewers have put it). It's a very good CD with headbanger songs such as "Violent Pornography" and songs that could mean more if you just "feel the music"...
Nic Har gave it a10:I would have to say that this is, perhaps, System of a Downs most artistic and intelligent album. Whereas Toxicity was pure math/prog metal craziness (with a dash of brains), Mezmerize is quick, thrashy, witty, and something not seen in music: creative and actually smart! I really and truely love every song on this album... but it isnt complete... That's why I'm happy that Hypnotize is due out in the next few months. I'm sure that this up and coming album will complete SOAD's true masterpiece!
Vlad A. gave it an8:its funny how snot nosed "professional" reviewers like john robb from playlouder writes that this album kicks the crap out of indie kids' music like its a west coast east coast rap fewd. good music should be recognized as good music by everyone and it just so happens that there is more good indie music than major label produced music. and we all know theres a good reason for that. anyways, im listenin to mezmerize now and its pretty standard SOAD, which to say is very intriguing stuff. i wonder how it will age tho. i cant listen to toxcitiy anymore.
Mark C gave it a9:Woooow. Plain simply, woow! This album is hypnotising (ironic, isn't it). It really is an early contestant for album of the year. Blast beats (oh yes!), death growls, polka, bizarre chanting, thrash riffs and out of this world melodies, all in one consistent and so damn catchy package that can only make me say: «Damn summer, you'd better be short.»
Chris gave it a9:Great album. As good as anything they've ever done. Can't wait for Hypnotize!

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