Monday, October 24, 2005

Erik Satie

Hey THOD, how do you pronounce his name? Could you spell it out FO_NEE_YET_ICK_ILL_EEE.


So. This movie ABOUT SCHMIDT had beautiful music in it. But vaguely familiar. I said, to myself, this piano music is genius. I guess Hollywood doesn't need the likes of me. This guy kicks the shit out of anything I could ever compose. Then I realize that the music in ABOUT SCHMIDT is OLD STUFF by Erik Satie.

I realized this today because I bought a couple of classical CDs at the Juilliard School even though I don't have a fulltime gig (though I did work today) and I have been LUSTING for wellplayed classical music. (Very strange. After music school the sound of anything remotely classical made me physically sick a la Clockwork Orange.) But I have gotten over it in a hugely disgusting way. Which is bad news because it is even easier to spend TONS of money finding the perfect classical CD than it is to when you're on a punk/unga ground dance music/velvet underground/krautrock/Coltrane kick.

But the good news is that I can get classical CDs from the public library. There's no New York Dolls at the Lincoln Plaza. Though there is Sufjan Stevens. (Who is a fan of YES...what is it with these kids these days????!!!) Soon, I will post Katman's post on Stevie Wonder.. . . ... ..


Anonymous said...


i think.


sarcasmus said...

ah, thanks. saw-Tea. saw-Tea. The name is as beautiful as the music. I'll burn you a copy.

Jonathan said...

We listened to Satie in my Spanish poetry writing class at SLC, for some reason. Quite rewarding. We also got well-acquainted with John Cage's Living Room Music--are you a fan? This around the time that I was checking Morton Feldman regularly out of the music library. His music, I mean. Not his cadaver.

sarcasmus said...

Cage. Prison. Haven't been in it yet. I've heard, sadly, very little Cage. I heard a sad little cage. It's door made a tinkle sound when it closed.

I know plenty about Cage. I've read a lot about him. He's one of those guys who seem like his ideas are better than his music probably is, like LaMonte Young. But I know I'm missing out.

I'll check out the Living Room stuff. Mos def.