Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ho he ho

smetena papa dopee



Anthony said...

The most dangerous aspect of these new policies is the precedent they set. Sure, at each incremental step you could justify each policy: "they don't seem so dangerous if you really think about it" or at the very least you grumble about it a few weeks and you're over it and have made life-adjustments to accomodate it. It isn't the hidden identity chips that worry me the most; after all, all they contain is "name, nationality, sex, date of birth, place of birth and digitized photograph of the passport holder.", right? Doesn't sound bad really. Until you realize that, with each new precedent established, it becomes more possible to entertain even more dubious violations of our rights, which weren't possible before, but with each push of the envelope with new precedent, become more easily accomplished (and more acceptable to the public too.)
e.g. 'a' directly to 'e' would incur the indignation of the public and would never be accepted, but 'a' to 'b' only seems like an inconvenience to everyone, once 'b' becomes comfortable, the jump to 'c' fails to elicit much attention, etc. and before you know it we're all at 'e' or worse eventually. I can already see it happening: we'll go at this pace until
30 years from now we all collectively look around and realize we are living in a police state and wondering how the hell it all happened.

sarcasmus said...

until we get to zzzzzzzz---the perpetual bubblebath like the matrix people--pickled in rubbermaid wombs--human ipods running on Windows Life for Dummies XP