Friday, October 28, 2005

Some links.

For the literate-minded I bring you eggcorns. For all intensive purposes, it's all suped up, and handfisted. (I like eggcorns. Most great new words come from prisms, for instances, or eggs-cons.)

Here is Steve Katz' great autobiography (not autophagy) in one paragraph. He's a krazee guy. He wrote me letters of recommendation to get into MFA school. I think my thesis advisor Peter Cameron would say that he is detached from reality too.

Lego madness. I mean there are nerds, and then there are nerds. (And then I supposed there are nerds.) As Milhaus said, "I'm not a nerd! Nerds are smart."

I just wrote an email and I liked what I came up with. I said, this Fitzgerald is no Starr-fucker.

You know, like that Nine Inch Nails song? Starr-fucker? STARR-FUCKER!

I read in an interview with Trent Reznor that they got that STARR-FUCKER sound by shouting starfucker through a vocoder fed through crowd noise. How's that for nerd, nerds!! STARFUCKERS!!!

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