Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I am Big Brother

I know the person in Madrid who looked at my page. But Galicia?

To be sure, I'm a little uneasy with this power to see wherefrom people are looking at my site. But I guess this is the future. Our notion of privacy shall slowly morph into something totally different than previous definitions. Same with freedom. They are all relative anyway. I mean, I think for most people freedom IS access to the internet--it doesn't matter if everyone can trace each other. On the other hand, I know these words have real meanings; that they didn't just originate out of thin air. Or maybe they did. Not only is there no God, there is no meaning, and no freedom and no privacy. Only relative degrees. But that means there IS freedom and privacy--but only in the vaguest, indefinite way. So there is God, in the sense that God exists as an idea, in the sense that freedom and privacy exist. But my gut tells me that the idea of freedom and privacy are relative in ways that the idea of God isn't. God is an absolute idea. Either there is an all-powerful all-knowing entity that controls everything or there is not. Freedom and privacy are not all or nothing ideas. In fact, they are precisely not all or nothing.

Shoe, glad I got through that one.

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how facist freedom frequently feels,