Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Korea until now

When in doubt, upload a bunch of photos.

(that's a Breakfast King T-shirt!)

Not this is what I call a hobby. Don't worry thod, I'm not smoking. I was trying to smoke out the mosquitos.

Now this is what I call a hobby: (Lots of business opportunities in the Far East.)

Leftovers from Geunju, Daegu and Busan:

my most very cute PIP class:

deokbokki, mandu and noodles:

the noraebang:


Anonymous said...

lookin' good!! but hey man, if you're addicted and run out of smokes i ain't going to be too happy if you trade me for a carton on the way to ulan ude.


thebanana said...

i recognize jaeho and yunil!
those pictures of u singing are just super!