Friday, October 12, 2007

Zombie Activism

I think this is great. Oh, the possibilities. Somebody should organize a zombie march against alive people pretending to be zombies. Nothing I hate more than pretended zombism. Is there an official zombie day? I guess so. At least in San Francisco. I guess what I'm looking for is pretending to be zombie zombie day. Because I wouldn't want to make the wrong impression. On the other hand, I don't think I'd rather dress up as anything other than a Zombie for Halloween. Is that lazy? Am I a Halloween zombie by wanting to be a zombie for Halloween? It just gets so confusing. Especially with an irregular sleep schedule. At least I know that I'm not a zombie because I have a circadian rhythm. But it gets confusing. The only way you can kill a Romero Zombie is by destroying their brain--zombies are supposed to be mindless killers! This just compounds the irony. I was talking about the Zombie paradigm being subverted by Jessica Valenti--and I think Zombies are such a powerful ├╝ber-metaphor that it subverts itself inside and out before we make heads or tails of it. 100 doctoral theses. 100 zombie theses you can't stop unless you shoot them in the brain.

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erroneous said...

I suppose you won't be doing Zombie Yoga this weekend then?