Friday, October 26, 2007

Only Love...

The Sox are up two games to one. For those of you seeking a break from the madness of Kinski's diary and the confessions of a subterranean cannibal Angry and Sloppy brings you a moment tenderness from the heartland of America. Well, Boston really isn't considered the Heartland of America anymore. Actually, it hasn't been called the heart land since Hawaii was officially named a state.
The Sox are up two games to zero. I am still waiting for my tickets....Isn't Aurora close to Denver? Laogzed, is there an underground tunnel, with a train system, used by your people that can get me to the game. Trolls , and any hidden wonders of the forest, hills or waters, please lead me to your magical rides so I can get to Colorado. All magical creatures, except for Unicorns because they don't exist, please guide me to that mile high city in the mountains. Drunks, please give me your cars and personal Jets, its o.k. if you offer it to me now you won't remember in the morning. Pimps, give me a ring or that souped up Lincon with turbo engines and eighteen foot wings- the one I saw in the latest issue of Wheels and Legs.
Good Luck Sox, Good Luck Rockies. May the best team win. Go Sox


Anonymous said...

Dear SH,

We regret to inform you that you are addicted to a narcotic and should check into a collective farm or underground revolutionary outfit for immediate rehabilitation. The narcotic 'baseball' in its current binationalistic form is a not-so covert attempt at capitalist infiltration into the human humours. You must purge it from your body, spirit and mind to awaken from the false consciousness you suffer. Otherwise, those precious bodily fluids that you humans hold so dear will be forever tainted.

Best of luck comrade.

M.X. and M.M.

Anonymous said...

I nedd a ticket so's given me the shakes....I need help. Perhaps you are right. I have already auctioned off my girl friend for a hat, but many revolutionaires have sold their own souls as well as their own people for lesser reasons. There is no justice in this world--only a well pitched game