Monday, October 22, 2007

It's on.

Red Sox versus the Rockies. Don't think any A&Sers will be getting tickets. I'm saving money. But maybe I'll watch it on TV. Either way, I have to say it's pretty cool. I'm not totally immune to sportism. Watching the big names play in our town, like Sparks, Lehem, Mackie, "Big Spork," Khando, and the notorious "Lurid Pete,"--well, it'll be a hoot!

PS., I bet you didn't know Burton lived in Aurora!


Anonymous said...

BURTON! where are the horses?

Anonymous said...

I’ve decided that the World Series ticket buying frenzy is little more that a bourgeoise joke. I know people who are going and who bought tickets and none of them are even remotely in my tax bracket. It is…I suppose…the American way. This is after a week where the “free market forces” played havoc with something that meant something to me. So bah I say! Bah! It is a cruel and ironic joke that something that was at one time so pure and full of hope – namely, baseball – is putting the final nail in my Americana pessimistic coffin.

Anonymous said...

Baseball is to man as my waste is to troggs.

the swpord is mighier than the sword.

Sir Justice, the decimator

sarcasmus said...

if you think you can intimidate the A&S staff with your anti-troggery, you are far mistaken. Being a trogg is better than being a troll.