Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Message from M. Moomin

I would like to inform the world of A&S that unlike our trog allies, many trolls value children for their childiness and not for their tastiness. However, I do not wish to agitate the trogs as I believe we have a very successful working relationship.

Us Finn-Swede trolls are of the socialist variety and I for one am confused by the insults obliquely directed at trolls by our fellow underworldlings as well as this obscussion about baseball that is obfuscating the real issues of class struggle regarding humans, trogs and the immobile. Since when is hitting a ball with a stick and running around in tight trousers of any revelance to the plight of the proletariate? Some clarification from any human or trog sources would be appreciated--provided you cite those sources as appropriate.

We Scandi-Soumi Trolls are, however, always in favor of the glorious Richard Burton. Tight trousers in 'Benedict' seem much more relevant to the awakening of class consciousness as symbols of despotic rulers than baseball players in tight trousers in a stadium teeming with the bourgeoisie who bought out the proletariat through their superior Internet and political connections.

Am I alone in these musings? Unite my angry and sloppy friends! For revolution is on our doorstep and even in our breakfast cereals.

--M. Moomin

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