Wednesday, February 01, 2006

They write letters about Hummous

Well, nobody actually has written a letter. But I get the sense. I've been blogging for over a year now and I'm just getting this "vibe." People are little uncomfortable about my stance on hummous. Look. You may have had your reservations about Hummous in the past. All I'm saying is give it at least a chance. If you're reading this, this may or may not pertain to you, but then it again, it may. Think about what you've thought about Hummous in the past. But get over it. The dynamic is changed. And now that Hummous is the official mandated authority (76 seats out of 132), maybe you should it give it another dip.


Anonymous said...

Sure, eight out of ten Poptartians perfered Hummous over Fatah flakes and, maybe for good reason; Fatah Flakes had been posioning and tormenting their consumers for years. And though Fatah Falkes may have advertised its self as sugar coated and child friendly at times, as they appeared to be adjusting their product to a larger audience, the Poptartians decided to change their minds dieatary delicacy once and for all; atamepting to make a change so that those out side the box of Fatah Flakes may be able to get the prizes that they hoarded for themselves for so many years. Of course,or so it might be reported, Hummous encouraged their women to eat and participate in their new slogan- Hummous for all--the days of tahaini just for men are over (at least during the inital taste test).
As Plo-Pops once wreaked havoc- and, the now scrammbled, Sharon-soup didn't contribute much to help the world see the importance of a dietrary dialogue with Fatah Flakes-- this all lead to the alternative-- the Hummous for the people campagin.
Again, where once Fatah Flakes was seen as something bitter and dangerous they could mask their flavor when ever
Ara-fat tigier decided to. Can the ingredients of Hummous changehaving the capability of universal flavor?
Least we forget what a good bowl of Lucky Charmer Rabin Crispies once did--which was served up attempting to bring to the table a diet healthy for everyone. May such a pure fruit come forth soon, from any side dish, who can mix up the Hummous, take out the bad chick peas and pluck out the unwanted rotted fakes from the Cereal. Perhaps only this will bring about the chance for peace that you are
are asking these blindfolded taste testers to be wait for.

As was once said during the 1970's "food riot" --"Hero of the crossing, where is our breakfast?" ("يا بطل ﺍﻟﻌﺒﻮﺭ، فين الفطور؟", "Yā batl al-`abūr, fēn al-futūr?").

If everyone is well fed, everyone will be happy. May everyone's plate be filled properly on every table around the world...And may the eyes of your blog help create such cuisines.

Anonymous said...

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