Monday, February 06, 2006

Exit Sandman: Dan Jackson and Dronal Dissipation FEB 25th

Attention: ====if you already recieved this, forgive the redundandancy, here it is again, my apologies!======

This shit is rough. I've got Some Kind of Monster, and I got to smooth it out:

Dan Jackson is heading out of town. The only official and authentic Dan Jackson goodbye party is on Saturday, February 25th.

Sad But True, he's not sure if he's ever coming back to New York. It may be that he'll be back in a few months. In that case, how annoyingly dramatic all this is. But it seems that he might be going for good. Whatever the case. He wants one more chance for the cops (Those Harvesters of Sorrows) to bust him for disturbing the neighbors.

The party shall be invocated by a DRONE EVENT. Anybody and everybody is invited to contribute to the DRONE EVENT. If you have a musical instrument, please bring it or them. If not, we will try to provide you with one. The DRONE EVENT is a non-denominational, communal sound-creation. The only requirement is that you do not play too many notes; no Kirk Hammett wankery. It is a spiritual sort of drone. Think of Arvo Part, depressing Canadian bands, or the beginning of Nothing Else Matters, Blackened, or For Whom the Bell Tolls (the song, not the book.) Extra points if you bring a harmonium, didjeradoo, theremin, bagpipes, or other hard to find instruments. Kazoos, slide-whistles, bongas, congas, hippie drums, rain sticks, hand cymbals, sleigh bells, lap tops with neato softsynths and glitchy plugins, turntables, projection units, sinewave generators, local crazies who mutter compelling nonsense. It's all good. No matter your musical background or lack thereof, you can easily contribute to the DRONE EVENT. Or, you can just sit there and bask in it until you feel like you can enter the fray. (Whatever musical-inferiority complexes you may have--just Kill Em All.) Email Danitarium 4 specifics. The DRONE EVENT (The Thing that Should Not Be) will be recorded in various formats.

Battery: Saturday, February 25th. 7-7:30pm Dan's apartment in Queens: Set-up of Drone. Commencement of Drone. Feel free to show up earlier for pre drone vibe session.

Damage Incorporated: Hit the Lights! 9pm/10pm drinking and bullshitting until the Leper Messiah shows up. Maybe we'll go up on the roof and sing out against the cold sky. Maybe Orion will sing back.

No need to RSVP, but would be appreciated, especially to get a sense of the inventory of musical instruments and players for the DRONE EVENT.

22-37 35th St
Astoria, NY 11105

Take the N/W train to Ditmars Blvd. Walk north to Ditmars Blvd, hang a right, walk a few blocks to 35th street. I'm in the middle of the block on the left. Ring the upper buzzer.

This is it folks. I really mean it. Come and see me. I don't want to leave town. But the clouds have darkened and all I can do is Ride the Lightning. One can't defy the Master of Puppets. Invite your friends. Spread the word, you will not remain Unforgiven if you don't show: Take note that I will also be appearing at the Rad Unicorn and John Carpenter show on the 26th at Sin-E, 9pm, I believe. That will be a great show. So if you can't come to the Dronal Dissipation, come then and buy me a coke.


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