Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Kids are All Right

Obama stares down that the holy McCain. This is refreshing.

I made a New Years Resolution this year to stop spewing bullshit. This had stemmed from a culminating argument with my Uncle Lance--I was calling him a fascist for reading The Wall Street Journal. Lance's is no fascist. He's a mellow, silly So-Cal graphic artist for the SanFran Chronicle, keeping an eye on economic prospects--he's supporting his 91 year old mother and a son. I was just name-calling. I was being an asshole. (Asshole-ness is a genetic trend that can be traced from both sides of my family.) Anyhow, I was generalizing to the detriment of my own credibility. So no more calling people fascists. McCain is not a fascist in my new view of the world, but I still think he's megalomaniacal fuck. Rock on, Obama.


ApocolypseEngine said...

Well, all of my training in pseudo-psychological modification warfare leads me to believe a few things. First, a common, primitive, yet thoroughly effective technique to lead onlookers away from seeing the actual culprit of any given transgression, is to accuse an innocent of having actually committed said transgression. Hence, to an educated and scrutinizing perspective, doesn't this actually indicate that you, in fact, are the actual fascist in this case? However, before the finger-pointing begins anew, I cite the entry regarding the cessation of aforementioned nomenclature assigning. This is a positive indication that Dan Jackson is finally leaving his commie-pinko leanings behind, and joining the free world, Ayn Rand style. Bless him.

*note, writing this actually made me want to barf. But, I started, so I had to finish. Forgive me.*

sarcasmus said...

Fuck that shit.