Sunday, February 05, 2006

The many varieties of Hummous

Complex, spicy, creamy, chunky--just not sure what to make of it all. Via Thirteen ways of looking at a SpEro.


ApocolypseEngine said...

Obssess much? Of course we're all just delighted with your fascination regarding hummous' creamy goodness. I am also keen on it's wonderful cha-cha on my taste buds. Why don't you revisit your fixation on 'ol Herzog? That was always good for some alienating confusion for the non-bohemian elite.

This scathing display of knife-edged sarcasm was brought to you by an interest in dynamic variety.
"Did you bring me my Cheez-whiz, boy?"

sarcasmus said...

Look here, Mr. Apocalypse: You may like to operate in a Hummous free zone. Well, they've got a place for close-minded individuals like yourself. They've built a wall to keep Hummous out. Just stay there. Don't blame Hummous for its tangy--almost explosive--flavor.

You can deny it but you can not negate it.