Monday, February 20, 2006

The Rage of The Atheists

I didn't read this whole article. But I'll just throw in my two cents. You have to admit that religion is kinda stupid. But there's a flipside to that, and that, most everything is pretty stupid. Also, Dennett seems like a jerk.

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ro, ro, ro your boat said...

it's a bizarre review. on the one hand, the guy seems like a dick. on the other, the review sounds like it was written by jerry falwell.

if jerry falwell could read.

summary of position: contemporary science is also religion; religion is often stupid. but sometimes it's a Good Thing. but when it's a Good Thing, there's no publicity, because it's quiet and modest and not connected with

what does any of it have to do with being nice to other people? not much, apparently.

buncha jerks, all around.