Friday, November 11, 2005


I'm so excited about ULTRACORE 2005 that I can't sleep. Ut-oh...

There's no sleeping at ultracore, at least for the Designated Stewards!

No sleep.

But I must sleep.

No sleep.

But I must. I must!


sarcasmus said...

that's shoe popcorn, daddy-o

sarcasmus said...

what is the netiquette with regards to posting comments on my own blog?

Who cares? I can comment all I want!



go qklufef yourself if you have a problem with it!
(I'm speaking to myself, not you! I'm commenting on my own website! This is what it's like being in my brain!!! Feedbagback.)

sarcasmus said...


capitalism is about who hazdmos

sarcasmus said...


that's the sound that your nostril makes when you accidentally snort up a wasabi pea

sarcasmus said...


is an esoteric sect of Buddhism

sarcasmus said...


Is a novelty martini made of 1 part fresh lime juice, 2 parts gin, 1 part sweet vermouth, a drop of worchester sauce, garnished with a sprig of rosemary and sliver of plaintain

sarcasmus said...


that one's so obvious I'm not gonna try

sarcasmus said...

(that last one was YHWH's real name, btw.)


A microwaved haggis ready to eat while you watch the news on TV

sarcasmus said...


is a new word that doesn't have a meaning yet.

(Literally! Finding a true Gfrcew's is quite, well, quite rare. I dare you to find me a true Gfrcew. And not just some silly word that you made up on the spot. Like whalepock. That seems like a real word. But it's not. There is no such word as whalepock. It is what known as a false Gfrcew. (Of course there are plenty of meanings that don't have words yet. That's easy.))

If you have a problem with it, go gfrcew yourself. (I'm talking to myself! Not you! Gfrcewer!)