Wednesday, November 09, 2005

If Everyone Lived Like You We Would Need Five and Half Planets

From West Coast Jacksonian Head - Office

Check this out:

and for a conversion table reference:

My freaking footprint is 7.9 hectares = 19.52 acres. Time to stop
driving, riding in jet planes, and eating animals with eyeballs.


Anonymous said...

3.3 planet's for THOD-livin'!!

Amelia said...

15 acres for me...3.5 planets. Although I may have fudged a bit on how many miles I ride the bus each week. Ooops. Okay, I'll round up to four.

Question...if I make my baby a ecologically sound person will my acreage go down? ;-) Kidding. Sort of.

sarcasmus said...

I wonder why I got so many planets? And where can I order them? How long does it take to get them and who do I call for technical support? Am I the God of these planets, or do I have to share them? That test doesn't really help you out with the details. Damn 'em. (As I will all the denizens of my five and a half planets!)

((I will be known as Neyzoazb))(That's my secret word verification name. Sounds biblical, if not downright Zoroastrian.)(Or in the case of Antonia Banderas, Zorroastrian. That should be the third in the sequel, thus spake Zorroastru! He enters the bullring, Dunnn, Dunnn, Dunnn....dat-dat-dat-dat-dahhh!)(The first three notes are normal, the last is a Mariachi band flourish.)