Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It's going to be a long winter

I've got a surplus of soda water.

If you can decipher the following I will hand deliver you eight truckloads of gravitons and a vat of soda water, pending availability:

Summit. Tree. Swastika. Morning after the roses rules.
Dali is not a Salivdor Lama--
These things I know NOT to be NOT correct:
Cheerleader pants and sunglass dreams underneath a jackolantern hung

Best interpretation gets the water, man-o.

(That'll stick Stan, that'll stick.)


Jonathan McJonathan said...

That last poem was a piece'a'cake. But this one... it just baffles me.

sarcasmus said...

That's because this one ISN'T a poem. It's just me goofin' around. Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

It's no joke...that comment itself is meant to shield one away from the true meaning of the this wonderfully crafted political satire written in the guise as one of Kinski's wet dreams.

The first line "Summit." An obvious refrence to the last two elections. The top, the prize, the one in charge. Able to see, change and destroy everything beneath you because the path has been cleared. Summit.

"Tree." Solid in place. Can withstand the wind the pressure. Has an allegiance with no one because it stands alone. Yet is interanlly and dependent on the environment around it to surrvive. It's secrects are inside hidden under the exteror ugliness of its skin/bark. Tree.

Swastika. Only it's symbols revel it's truth. Because it can not speak; It can be truth or evil. Swastika.

"Morning after the Roses Rule."
Yes, Yes. I feel it. This is so obvious I dare not even call it symbolic poetry. But if I must--We shall awake free and free from the illusion of politics; It has from the base of the Roses that has posioned and not the rose itself. BUSH. George and George II. When we see this we once again vote as a country.

"Dali is not a Salivdor Lama." The political artist must never utter the word compassion if he's going to F**K with the world.

"Cheerleader pants and sunglass dreams underneth a jackolantern."
The singing and dancing when the war is done-- all that will be left are the horrible images, smiling, and dim, of our nation's past; auntum pumokin seen from the distance on a stoop in Brooklyn.

-Kinski is Bush's antichrist.

I do expect the water....Signed sealed and delivered.....!!!

sarcasmus said...

Soda water is on the way!!!!