Thursday, November 17, 2005


If somebody doesn't explain this to me I'm going to have to join the Israeli army.

Update: Ohh...duh. Sorry Israel. It's going to take more than that for me to become a born again Jew.


Anonymous said...

Solution is simple:

All the numbers which can be the result of the formula have the same symbol on the chart.

The formula is 10a + b -(a+b) = x

for example for the number 19:
which gives 10 + 9 - (1+9) = 9
9 is a good result for 19.

If you take 28 you will have
Which gives 20 + 8 - (2+8) = 18.

Look at the chart and you will see that 9 and 18 have the same symbol.
All the possible good results will have the same symbol than 9 or 18 which were just examples of good results. it....K
p.s. I think you would look sexy in uniform

Anonymous said...

p.s. don't think I came up with that answer!!
A fine and noble french man did...

sarcasmus said...

That's not the answer. The answer is GOD.

And a Jewish one at that!