Friday, November 18, 2005

John McCain: Kinder, Gentler Fascist

For all you Utopian delusionals...


Goin' to Denver for my Brother's Wedding.

I'll have dial-up. So the wit won't fly so fast. But just as furious. Or angry. And sloppy. Patented. Phreaky.


That was a little too incoherent:

1st point: McCain: Yeah yeah okay...let's kill kill kill brown people...sure...but TORTURE?? Come on man-huh-...that shit hurts like a motherfucker. LET'S BE REASONABLE HERE! I'M A REASONABLE MAN! KILL! DON'T MAIM. HAVE I SAID THIS YET? THAT TORTURE SHIT HURTS! LIKE A FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER!

The Link I tried to Link to before...does it exist? It does. Here it is:

his is an especially useful resource if you wanted to, let’s say, contact the Arizona Daily Star and tell them that John McCain is a fraud whose “toughness” only comes out when it’s politically safe to do so or The Greenville News to tell the people of South Carolina that their Senator wants to destroy some of our most basic rights as Americans.

Ha ho ho hee hee, that's the same link. But I was underscoring what I was attempting to underscore with this second attempt.

2nd Bonus MEAT GRINDER. MMM! Patrioty!

I don't know about This Modern World "losing its edge." I think Tom Tomorrow is the most intelligent of the political cartoonists. His schtick is not the most original. His most endearing character is a penguin from the future (Garfield anyone? I mean, Bloom County or whatever.) But he has a knack for summing up the shitty state of affairs.

But I want to start making a campaign in the vein of Billionaires for Bush. Fascists for McCain. The man is a maniac. It's a shame that Rove "smeared" him the way he did. But that's what he gets for being a motherfucking Republican.

Star Wars...

Had some conversations about Good Taste this week. Big Argument with Seaslug. Can't go into it right now. I think good taste has a connection with Fascism. Just like Science Fiction. I can't go into it right now. But let's talk about George Lucas versus Kurt Cobain. Cobain had the good taste to kill himself before he made a terrible album. Mr. Lucas on the other hand, why couldn't he have killed himself after ROTJ? It's a damn shame. He'd be enshrined forever for his genius.

I hate all the movies coming out now and I don't want to hear about them. But I love my iPod. I'm looking forward to sitting down to watching Signs of Life.

There are many things to be excited about. But if John McCain becomes president we're fucked. He wants to send more troops to fucking Iraq. Good morning Vietnam! Klaus Kinski should have played Robin Williams part in that movie. Jesus Christ I'm angry. But content.

That's enough for now. This is seeming pointless.


Joooonathan said...

I don't know... maybe this is foolish optimism, but I get the feeling that McCain knows what's right, he just doesn't have the balls to stand up to the Administration. Makes me wonder what exactly they're blackmailing him with. Photos of an affair? Truth about his Vietnam record?

I mean, how do you take being smeared by Bush/Rove in 2000 then keep towing their company line? They must have offered him something.

I keep hoping his conscious will win out.

sarcasmus said...

I think it is foolish optimism. But I guess this is a time when we need optimism where we can find it.

Jonathan Again said...

An article on McCain and a couple of his moderate-r pals in the NYT today.

Now for some musing:

You raise an interesting ethical question in your post: why is torture considered worse than killing (war killing, specifically)?

I think I also fall into the category of those who think that torture is worse. I guess the general feeling (not that the "general feeling" is always right) is that it is somehow crueler and less humane--that death can come quickly, but torture is more like what my cats do to centipedes--drag it out all night, playing good-cat/bad-cat till Bonzai finally eats the sucker. My cats are awesome...but I digress (Incidentally I am all for arthropodal torture; that's just nature, baby).

Maybe the question is irrelevant--maybe the question should be, is war-killing at any time justified--should that be outlawed, too. Some forms of killing are accepted in our general ethical system--such as in self-defense. Killing an enemy combatant is also generally accepted, but should it be? And if war-killing is wrong, then perhaps those that send men & women into selfish wars--not the soldiers themselves--should be held accountable for the deaths that occur. Imprison them or flog them. No, wait... that's torture.

This makes me think of "Fog of War" yet again.

P.S. I'm listening to Leonard Nimoy read Moby Dick right now.

sarcasmus said...

Make that the flog of war. Or was that the flah flah flah flah flahg of war?

Good points.

McCain's still a fascist.

Killing bad.
Torture bad.

Killing by bleeding from a machine gun bullet ripping off your private parts bad.

Tortured by electrodes on your private parts and beat on the back bad.

The question is, would you rather be blinded by a bullet, or made totally death by a bullet. I mean deaf. I mean both. One of those great cocktail party conundrums.

Some of my readers already know my favorite coctail party conundrum: Would you rather, suddenly tomorrow morning, be totally deaf and blind or have had your sexual organs neatly and painlessly removed. Note that both conditions are irrecovably recoverable; no cochlear or cocklear implants.

In the first case, I'd rather go blind. Should we ask McCain, should we rather go blind by torture, or blind by patriotism.

Personally, I'd rather have my genitalia removed. A lot of good they've done me so far.

Oh yes, in either conundrum, death is an option too. (As Picard from The Next Generation always said, "Whelp, there's always suicide!")