Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Get yer arse back into the pub, ye ain't drunk yet!

(That's my best British accent, sounds like a pirate, I know.)

Also, secret police in Jordan. Or something. Somebody explain this to me.

Also, Seaslug, is this your man?

He wasn't sayin' what you were saying to me. Science and all.

This is why I'm scared of non-scientists talking about science.

(Even though scientists can be just as scary.)


Jonathan McConfusathan said...

If you think secret police arresting poets only happens in Jordan, boooooy are you wrong.

You think the Queens police were upset about a snare drum? Right. Remember who made up the guest list.

I shouldn't joke about persecution. Wait, am I joking?

sarcasmus said...

Well, poets is one thing.

I mean, if I was arrested for poetry, I would say--good for you! It was wrong of me. I should have known better.

From now on, only straight-forward, non-subversive narrative in the vein of George Lucas or Steven Spielberg.