Friday, April 04, 2008

Hot dog!

The other night I was flipping around the television and the Food Network had one of its behind the scene shows; this one was about hot dogs. My mom was in the room, messing with her shiny new mac, when she noticed that the show didn't talk about where the meat comes from. All the show showed was hot dogs shooting out of a machine. And then they went on about the first hot dog at the worlds' fair and all the kinds of condiments, with expansive coverage on SAUERKRAUT and MUSTARD. No mention of its original source. Anyhow, maybe my ancestors were on to something when they said no eat no pigs; There was nothing on the Food Network show about BRAIN MIST DISEASE:


I wasn't watching the FOODNETWORK TV show too closely, but I don't even know if it mentioned any animals; neither fish nor fowl. One last thing, vegan Mickey Z says that Obama's a fascist too. Okay okay, I said I'd stop using that word. And I knew that he was a fascist. But if we don't have hope, at least we can hope for hope.

And my pal Wendi is talking about scarier things; what's in our water supply.

Never mind. Let's think happy thoughts.

(Super Grover: Save US!)

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