Saturday, April 12, 2008

CGI: The Empire Strikes Back(!)

That exclamation point at the end there was my CGI effect, you see because I was watching Empire Strikes Back, one of my favorite movies of my youth, and I noticed all the scenes without CGI sucked hardcore. You could totally tell they were fake, non-CGI effects.

PS: Meltmaster's music is on KGNU tonight, thanks Little Fyodor.

He played one of my stranger tracks, as one might expect from Little Fyodor. It was one in my Landlady Re-mix series, the current title is Rent1. It was made by triggering my sampler and synthesizer with another sequence I had intended for a different sampler and synth set-up. It got strange. I made it in Carloni's basement.

I got to get to work packing. I'll be in San Francisco on the 15th, for some reason. Oh, to get my visa.

Little Fyodor Under the Floorboards show is pretty cool so far. But I knew it would be. Oops, I think they're having some technical difficulties. Wish it was on podcast. Maybe it is. The KGNU podcast page is hard to figure out.

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