Monday, April 07, 2008

Emo's in Mexico

I don't know exactly what this means, but this fantastic pull quote gives me an idea:

"It's a great clusterfuck for the American mind's idea of Mexico," Arellano said. "This teaches the rest of the world that Mexico is not just a bunch of cactuses and sombreros."

Fantastic. I'm so interested in Emos as I am Gothos. Back when I was a kid there "New Wavers" and "Stoners." Before that it was freaks and geeks, or something, or other. Maybe there's a social history out there. To paraphrase an anonymous bystander, the thing about goths, is that when you meet them in person they're really really boring people. I don't know if that is universal. I don't understand these sorts of tribalisms; do kids wake up someday and decide "I'm going emo;" or "I'm going goth."

I've got a million different feelings in me baby, and want to use them; I want to use them all!
Big Daddy, the fantastic Burl Ives:

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