Monday, April 14, 2008

Exciting News!

Density of Sound has been updated a few times in the last month.
This man is doing a seriously good service for music; he deserves a wide(r) audience.

Meltmaster also got airplay for the first time ever last Saturday Night on Little Fyodor's Under the Floorboards show on KGNU. Thanks LF! He chose one of my truly odd tunes, and I'm just hope somebody chipped a tooth while flipping around the dial; that would make my life. Although I also subsequently hope they have dental insurance.

Check out this write up of Little Fyodor and Babushka and other outsider Denver bands in a mainstream publication(!?!?!?!)

Last, my good buddy Debzies has a new podcast. I expect great things from this talented young lady. I'm not just saying that because she studied with my adored Ingram Marshall. Who she says is like my friend Dave the weird landscape and naked ping-pong player painter from Kansas. I wonder if Dave even knows what myspace is. Much less a podcast. Anyway, this is self-promotion, but of the most giving kind, I believe.

WWDFKD? Dave from Kansas would do it.

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