Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gary Kasparov and the flying penis

Not exactly sure what the message the "Young Russian Pro-Kremlin Activists" were trying to communicate. The thing flies well. Should have had some defense mechanisms on it, though.

h/t erroneous


Anonymous said...

the obvous one would be that he's a p*ick. But I think it's a modified rebel tracker like the one's used at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back...K

sarcasmus said...

well, anyone who builds a double-rotor penis facsimile to mess with gary kasparov is by definition a prick. i think we can read "young russian pro-kremlin activists" as frat boys.

or maybe they're just trying to get his attention, and are really afraid of the direct methods.

sarcasmus said...

oh yeah, we got our netis. i'm a little afraid of mine.