Monday, May 05, 2008

From LA to the DR - Space is the Place

The past month has been spent on trains, planes, and automobiles. First off, I flew to Los Angeles- and rumor has it that the city will soon be renamed after the patron saint of smog; Bonileaux- an 18th century monk who quit the order so he could participate in the early stages of the industrial revolution by blessing all the smoke stacks from England to Hapsburg.

(I am art- art is me....some multi million dollar Pollack painting)
Anyways, LA was great. I found out you can take photographs at the museum of Modern Art so long as no flash is used. I was upset though because I missed the Takashi Murakami exhibit. I keep on reading about how he's the new Andy Warhol- I find that hard to believe. Plus he doesn't dip his hand in rock n' roll. Instead he designs bags for Louis Vuitton. That's like Herzog making a documentary for the discovery channel.........oh, he did (his new movie.) So I wondered if I took my photo with a Pollock or a Basquiat, or any other piece of art would I become art? So I stood in front of some very sloppy pictures for minutes at a time wondering if the visitors would see me as part of the art or someone standing in front of the painting....a high schoolish thought at best!
After Bonileaux de LA, I was back to Boston but not for to long as I boarded a plane and headed south to the Dominican Republic. A beautiful country, in transition- I was told. I stayed in various homes belonging to my girlfriends family who represent to entire specturm of Domincan society. Of course I was on my mission to seek out Alien life in the tropics.

I ate too many platinos to count. For this I was rewarded with a bout of constipation that lasted three days. Fried cheese might have also played a role. But I survived and ate my share enpanadas, as well as fresh goat and chicken- killed in the back yard for consumption. I love the country life.
The houses in the country side were beautiful if not run down from poverty. While fishing I had to help the local fisher men real in their net so I could get bait. For 50 minutes I believed I was bringing in an alien ship trapped in the sea for generations.

(Bringing in the mother ship)

The houses in the country side; Houses South of Bani (La Caldera)

My latrine in La Vega... The waters of Samana..

.....more photos to come (I hope)..

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