Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For those about to Neti - we salute you..

With everything going on in the world - we need to remember to take of our selves. I believe that it all starts with the neti. I like this YOU TUBE video of the nice suburban mother showing the world how to get down and funky with the Neti. Although her technique is a bit sloppy at the end (you must remember to breathe dry your nose) she gets the job done and looks darn good doing it. Smooth technique. She's a pro.

Now for those really interested here is the company I bought mine from. I like this Neti better tha the one used in the video. It's the kind they use in India- although they are usually copper or brass. It holds a lot more water and the spout snugs wonderfully into the nostril. Plus, since it's stainless steel you know if it's too hot to hold the water should not be poured into your nose! You can get a book with your order, too!!

I'm thinking of naming my new band The Neti Jerks...! I'm going to check out your radio back to the serious stuff.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the information! I am very happy to see that angryandsloppy is dedicated to such important issues such as nasal health.


It looks like they have a special deal on two!


sarcasmus said...

sweet! let's do it why not!

Anonymous said...

YES....really..There is no reason why not to....Read the works....As I once read on a Japanese T-Shirt:
Let's Neti Happiness For you