Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Friends and Family, do me a grand favor!

If you like music, download the software for last.fm and set up an account. It's a cool website; and yes, it's all free. I can't decide, as a user, if I like it better than Pandora. But as a musician it is pretty awesome, and maybe I can build my (or a) fan base a little with your help!!!

When you have made your account, do an artist search for "meltmaster," and then listen to my songs, download them, scrobble them, or whatever; just be sure you tag them. And tag them anything you like, using any descriptors you like, although I would like you to tag them "unsigned." I made all but a few of the tracks free and CC, because why not? (And for my musician friends, if you scrobble my back, I'll scrobble yours.)

Again, it's a pretty cool internet radio system; I have become obsessed with it as a listener, and now I'm trying it out with my own music. I get traffic on one of my music personas, and so maybe I can expand that. We'll see. Thx.

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