Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Haven't been able to blog for two (2) reasons (1) I have a job now and (2) my internet connection at home suddenly went really bad and I can't even log onto blogger anymore.

I saw White Diamond last night and it is so beautiful I wanted to cry. It is not a perfect movie, but it is more perfect than so many other things that it doesn't matter. This period of Herzog (whether it will be deemed Late or Middle depends on whether or not the man dies sooner or later) will probably not be fully appreciated at this moment--if ever. The MAN Herzog kind of gets in the way of his movies. That is not a problem too much because the man is so fascinating, but his movies are so much dominated by his personality that it is hard to know how to gauge them. The man is great, no doubt. In White Diamond he originated the term Dignified Stupidities as opposed to Stupid Stupidities. There are dignified stupidities and stupid stupidities.

Last night I emailed Dr. Graham Orrington, the designer and pilot of the airship featured in the film. I found his email because he posted on a blog that I found by googling White Diamond. He said on the blog that he would mail a pdf explaining his research to anyone who was curious. I hope he gets back to me.

Never hurts to bring myself that closer to the Herzogian epicenter of ecstatic truth.

Job keeps me busy. I am learning how to write grants. I feel completely in over my head. Things that are very sober and precise.


erroneous monk said...

wheel of time starts today. i'm sort of tempted...

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