Thursday, June 16, 2005

I don't know why

But my internet connection suddenly got better. I can post again. Even though I'm really tired. My job is a real job. Maybe if you've been reading my blog, you are getting sick of me saying that I have a real job. But it has been years since I have had one. Last one was the stint in a tax-accountant's office in The Hamptons. Tonight the boss made me and my coworker stay until 8--the horror! Simpsons is on at seven, and my commute home is an hour long; do the math. I have remind myself that the end result of what we're doing is good, even though it is all just mind-numbing and at the furthest reaches of my comprehension. (At least I don't feel like it's all totally beyond me. Let me get a beer and continue.) I haven't even got a paycheck yet. But my Dad always said that the best part about getting a job is that you get to complain about it. I know why my boss wanted to get those damn Memorandums of Understanding perfect. But when it's at the end of the day, you just want to go home. Who cares? He just wants to make sure that the other executives in the other non-profits see that we have perfect little Memorandums of Understandings. Not that they need to be perfect. In one week we have to turn in a grant to the Department of Health.

God, this is terrible Blog-fodder.

In better news, I got a return email from Dr. Orrington (see previous post). He sent me a pdf of the plans to his airship. He didn't make any conversation in his email--I was hoping to get a conversation going, and thought maybe I could get Herzog's email. No dice. But I will have to follow-up (and perhaps change my tact in approaching the good, mad doctor.) If you are interested in the plans, email me and I will forward them along.

Before my connection got better I updated my friendster profile, then I started searching for people I knew in High School. Seeing faces aged by 10 years is a sobering experience.

I have something I've been meaning to link to. It's such a great thing that I will start a new post about it.

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error said...

if i see the plans, will i have the faintest idea what i'm looking at?