Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Guess who is working on a fiction film based on Herzog's Little Dieter Needs to Fly, starring Christian Bale? Herzog. According to the Hollywood matrix.

(My bro, Zentrout, clued me in. He also said I have to see the new Batman movie.) (Although I'm waiting for a Batman that takes place in the 30's.)

Incidentally, Bale will have to fatten himself up for the beginning of the movie, and then make himself all emaciated-like all over again for to make the POW segment realistic-- just like he did in The Machinist. (I guess because nobody saw The Machinist he wants to make a big hoopla about getting dangerously thin again. Or maybe they'll just intersplice segments from The Machinist into the remake.) At any rate, Herzog might want to change the name to The Little Flyer Doesn't Need to Diet. You heard me.

(What is this whole blog/life about?)

It's raining.

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