Sunday, June 26, 2005

Better Homes and Gardens

Now, I know that Werner Herzog says that I have to let go of this idea of order and harmony in the universe, except when you are in the Jungle, and then there is only the harmony of overwhelming and collective murder, overwhelming misery, overwhelming fornication, overwhelming growth--but that's the Jungle mind you. I'm just in my apartment in Queens, on the internet. A very Un-Lion like activity. But lion or no lion, I want to keep my den in order. (Well, not really, my den is a mess.) But still, I got to start my housekeeping somewhere. So, I present to you--for reference purposes--the other Daniel Jacksons of the web, sans SG-1, in the order of their appearances on google:

Daniel Jackson #1 (Note: seems to be someone involved with software and MIT.)

Daniel Jackson #2 (Note: a software person, has pocket pc games that he wrote that used to free but are now for sale. One is Ratsplat, a simple yet addictive 'Whack-a-Rat' style game. Rats pop out of holes, and you have to whack them with a mallet using the stylus.")

Daniel Jackson #3 (Note: seems to be a software engineer. My favorite sentence from his resume narrative:
Robert O'Callahan has developed Lackwit, a successor to Chopshop, that employs type inference in place of dependence analysis." I'm wondering if Daniel Jackson #3 might be the same as Daniel Jackson #1)

Daniel Jackson
#4 (Note: Is a scholar who studies media. On top of that, is a keen sportsman.)

Daniel Jackson
#5 (Note: A painter. His paintings are hyper-pseudorealistic--though that makes them seem more interesting than they are. No David Hockney or Gerard Richter. Though, I like that the flower is in a post-apocalyptayuppie plastic water bottle.)

Daniel Jackson #6 (Note: I can't figure out what sport he plays, but expect to see more of this youngster.)

Daniel Jackson
#7 (Note: In Japan teaching English. Here's his resume.)

Daniel Jackson #8 (Note: San Diego Jazz musician.)

Daniel Jackson #9 (Note: This is me. I don't appear on google. But I get to be number #9 on my list because the number nine is my favorite number.)

Daniel Jackson
#10 (Note: Daniel Jackson number 10 is not the Daniel Jackson of the Stargate movie or TV series, but rather in honor of the collective spiritual energies that are directed towards a fictional characted by thousands of his admirers. These energies, I dare say, make him something more than a 2-dimensional depiction. Daniel Jackson SG-1 seems to be a sort of Christ for some people. How else would you explain: "I don't quite know what this post is about, i just thought I needed more topics but Daniel seems like a good person to waste time on. Ohhh what I wouldn't give to be his glasses! What they're always close to him and necessary for his correct functioning. A lot like he is to me!!!")

In the future I will do a survey on the Dan Jacksons of the web.


Anonymous said...

hehe. I'M #5 by my 'real' name. --thod

Anonymous said...

This other Daniel lives in Texas and graduated from Stanford in theater. Amazing!