Thursday, June 16, 2005

My Hero

This blog is about many things. The number of things it is about is not innumerable, but it now includes one more. One more hero to my pantheon. Maybe ARon Ralston and the other two are sort of greater in the physical acts they committed, but this guy is an important, crucial crucial prophet. A talisman of a man. I will cling to his ideas.


Anonymous said...

hmmm...sounds a bit like my lifestyle at the moment. indeed, the man is wise. although i would have to become a better gardner.

nanana said...

I heard him interviewed on the ubiquitous NPR. Interesting chap-- he did write a book, though.

error said...

i wonder if he wrote the wondrous essay in harpers on the same subject that i was too lazy to cut out.

the Voice review of this book points out with some justice that idleness is a ruling-class luxury, that someone always has to do your dishes.

of course, that presumes you need clean dishes. my unarticulated philosophy has always been that there's some primordial state of laziness in which we all do the proper amount of work to feed and clean up and shelter ourselves, and because everyone's doing that, they have time & energy to share resources & cover each others' asses in a crisis. hippy utopia i guess. i don't know now if i actually believe in that edenic state, for us the fallen at least, who are doomed to work at computers and wash dishes.

of course, there's also the concept of true work- the work that you love doing, and so it's no longer work. caveat: i've done just a little tiny bit of that, and though it's vastly more fulfilling... it's still work.

the beatles songs were not written in 5 minutes, that stuff shows sweatstains all over it. though, there are some damn good 5-minute songs out there. but i think the beatles didn't do much of that. they were workaholics.