Wednesday, June 22, 2005


It always pay to watch what you eat.

That's not an ironic comment. I swear.

Speaking of which, I'm back on netflix, though I'm only getting one movie at a time. First movie was Burden of Dreams, by Les Blank, about the making of Fitzcarraldo (Herzog of course.) It comes with two extras--I watched both. One, Dreams and Burdens--a recent interview with Herzog, and another, Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe. I haven't watched the main movie yet, but I've seen it before. I've seen the shoe movie before, too. The interview was new, and it had some great Herzogian lines, some I've never heard him say before. For instance, he swears he doesn't know what color his eyes are because he can't stand to look at himself in a mirror. The Shoe movie has some really choice quotes, mainly about how TV is killing images. About how civilization will die if it has no new imagery. It actually is one of his more compelling arguments. Some of aspects of the Herzog-worldview only seem applicable to the World of Herzog. But the idea that the conventional, mindless imagery of commercials and dramas and comedies is destroying our ability to appreciate images is something that I can relate to. He also said that TV and especially Talkshows have ruined the word. (BTW, the shoe movie is about how Herzog told Errol Morris that if Morris actually ever made a movie Herzog would eat one of his shoes. A man of his word, Herzog follows through with the pact.)

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