Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Videos I watch with my nephew

I've been meaning to post a lot of videos; but I suppose we should keep it in digestible doses. Here are some videos that I show my nephew when he comes over.

First is my favorite, the famous Pinball Count; you've probably seen it, but it is just so freaking funky I can never get over it. I don't know who the musicians are, but dig the effortless dovetailing of jazz and funk and my god! that steel drum solo!

I don't know the origin of this particular incarnation--it appears to be a mix of all of the 12 original Pinball Number Counts.

Next I present to you mine and Laogzed's favorite Sesame Street Character, Oscar the Grouch. He's with Johnny Cash here, and I love Oscar's commentary.

Here's the aliens encountering Earth Life in the form of a Telephone.

Here's one that jogged something deep within me:

Here's another great song. A funky garage band style with a fantastically charismatic singer/keyboardist. (Might be the reason I turned to piano when I was a kid.)

And the last, Sesame Post-punk/new wave done very well:

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Anonymous said...

Very Herbieish..but this wha Wikipedia has to say...
"Music for Pinball Number Count was composed by Walt Kraemer and arranged by Ed Bogas. The vocals were provided by the Pointer Sisters. The arrangements in the eleven films reflect musical idioms commonly found in 1970s urban culture, predominantly funk and jazz, though other styles including Caribbean steel drum music are also represented. The number-specific middle sections contain one of three different (presumably) improvised instrumental solos over a basic progression, respectively featuring soprano saxophone, electric guitar, and steel drum. Consistent with an abbreviated jazz structure, a prearranged head and turnaround / coda are played during the common starting and ending animation sequences. The vocals work in similar fashion with improvised shouts of the numbers 2-12 during the middle section and a return to the arranged counting at the end."

Who's the composer, never heard of him..