Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ibo Means Peace

Lithograph from 1725. "Alien Autopsy performed by Giuseppe Verchillo, Siena."

Yes, it's true. All evidence of my existence is quickly vanishing from the world wide web. One must ask why me? Well it's quite simple - I have come across some very interesting evidence from the Alien Black Market of Alien autopsies performed in the 1700s. And as punishment as what I have been researching a team from the Department of #$#&$& have been erasing all evidence of my past along with the published articles in various underground magazines that have been circulating for the past few years. There is a shakedown going on with the Alien Underground and outsiders like myself are the only people that can be targeted as the ABM/AUM (Alien Underground Movement) remains hidden from government officials.

The past six months I have spent exploring the IBO. It's a modified African percussion instrument designed, I think , by a local Boston percussion teacher. This little percussive gem works great with some basic Tabla techniques. I have heard that it attracts the sounds of the Rad Unicorns of the Earth and it's rhythms seem to sooth the anger of human eating creatures that live in the hollows of the Earth. I have no other musicians to play with. But I have jammed with members of AUM who have some curious looking instruments, made of indestructible metals, that they refuse to have recorded.

My Ibo!!! (Has performed in the EL Yunqe rain forest in Puerto Rico and the train stations of greater Boston)
Musically, I have been drowning myself with the music of Charles Lloyd. I recommend all to listen to his music. He has a new recording with Zakir Hussain, and played at the Oslo Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. He took some time away from the Jazz world in the 70s to practice meditation and then came out with some beautiful recordings for ECM. Some might think that ECM recordings consist of Jazz light recordings with an intellectual levity that muzak lacks -But that's only because they let their musicians record what they want to record.
The Mister Mister compilation CD has a song I recorded with a band about eight years ago. All members of that band have mysteriously disappeared.
Iran, Iran, Iran..... We almost had Tomkin resolution part two last week. It's time to be scared, I think... Though the article is old, it's pretty up to date....why don't the folks on TV respond to real reporting....
Alien and conspiracy tunnels in found on the web....
"Blanka Peak , Colorado
Functions: Unknown Levels: Unknown Tunnels to: Unknown Notes: Mt. Blanca [Massif] is located in the mysterious San Luis Valley of Colorado, which has been a "hot spot" for UFO sightings and animal mutilations. Also Southwestern tribes have legends involving caverns below the Mt. Blanca, San Luis Lakes, and Great Sand Dunes National Monument region, through which their ancestors migrated during a time of surface natural disasters before emerging onto the surface once again. There have been some rumors of an attempted government attack upon an underground alien [Grey] base beneath Mt. Blanca, using a deadly nerve agent, which backfired or failed. Blanca peak is located between Alamosa and Walsenberg.
Denver International Airport
Functions: Military research, construction, detainment camp facilitiesLevels: 7Tunnels to: Denver, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado (Cheyenne Mtn.), Riverton, WyomingNotes: Recently constructed in 1995, the government and politicians were hell bent on building this airport in spite of it ending up vastly overbudget. Charges of corruption, constant construction company changes, and mass firings of teams once they had built a section of their work was reported so that no "one" group had any idea what the blueprint of the airport was. Not only did locals not want this airport built nor was it needed, but everything was done to make sure it was, period. Masonic symbols and bizarre artwork of dead babies, burning cities and women in coffins comprise an extensive mural as well as a time capsule - none of which is featured in the airport's web site section detailing the unique artwork throughout the building. DIA is reported to serve as a cover for the vast underground facilities that were built there. There are reports of electronic/magnetic vibrations which make some people sick and cause headaches in others. There are acres of fenced-in areas which have barbed wire pointing into the area as if to keep things in, and small concrete stacks that resemble mini-cooling towers rise out of the acres of nowhere to apparently vent underground levels.
Beneath the Denver International Airport east of Denver - which is filled with Masonic murals and symbolism and rumors of involvement of German secret societies - there exist several restricted underground levels, at least 10 sublevels, a 4.5 square mile underground city and an 88.5 square mile underground base, according to the late Phil Schneider who helped in the construction of certain portions of this and several others of the 131 underground New World Order military bases which are on the average 1 mile deep and connected by magneto-leviton or mag-lev monorail trains capable of mach-2 speeds. "

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sarcasmus said...

i'm afraid of so many things now I don't know what to do. does the IBO ward off FBI or UFO? Because I think they're both out to get me.