Monday, January 28, 2008

Comedy subject to prior approval: Dane Cook, Fascist?

I think at one point the cultural critics of the 80's said that comedy was the new Rock N Roll. This was the time of John Belushi et al. Of course I guess most every medium has been called the New Rock N Roll. But Dane Cook has pretty much killed one medium. He's basically a secular Ted "It's like a Rock N Roll Concert" Haggard.

I went to the bookstore last night and asked for the new Jonah Goldberg. I missed the Dane Cook show, even though I saw the commercial for his show while watching Futurama a thousand times. I just got a collection call from CON-EDISON (???) I told them I had no money, which is pretty much true.

I guess there are reasons why we should be careful about how we use the word fascism. Why couldn't I get a look at the copy of the new Jonah Goldberg book at Barnes & Noble? I ask you, who are the real fascists?

But seriously, Liberalism is fascism, at least in my old way of thinking. A few years ago I used to call almost everything fascism. Liberalism in the continental sense is a form of fascism; that is, letting free reign for the oligarchs and plutocrats is liberalism and ends up in consolidated power regimes that institute essentially fascist or pseudo-fascist regimes. The democracies under plutocratic control are not platonic democracies, but oligarchical spectral-democracies. But only invisible bullets can kill my invisible soul. So, fuck you.

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