Monday, January 07, 2008


Yes, you heard right. Meltmaster, Sarcasmus's Inscrutable, Meltable Musical Alterable-Ego has started a podcast! Can you believe it, a podcast from the makers of ANGRY AND SLOPPY!!!!!!


I know. We already offer a podcast, Laogzed's. But this one is different. You don't have to listen carefully to it if you don't want. You can just turn it down low. Or turn it all the way down and it won't make a difference.

The first episode is an organic collage of THE LANDLADY FROM HELL!! The podcast features a kaleidoscopic analysis of Property and Human Relations in the POST_POST Modern age! You shouldn't really have to miss it. Just click on this:

It's easy to subscribe to this one. When you click on the player you'll see an itunes Icon and that'll set it up to automatically download. You figure it out if you want that badly.

I mean, email me at solardriftwood at gmail dot com if you want help!!!!!!

Also, I've whored it off to the Internet Archive. Melt babies, melt!!!!

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