Tuesday, January 31, 2006

We are not robots!

"Your droids, they'll have to wait outside. They're not wanted here."
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Sen. Barbara Boxer was on NPR this morning telling a caller who claimed that the democrats weren't winning any elections because they're too busy pandering to their base. Good ole BB set this dude straight; letting him know that she gets the significant portion of the moderate Republican vote. Well, anyhow, that's not the point. What she ended up telling the caller in this stupid discussion was that "WE" as in "us Democrats" are not robots. We don't all have the same opinion on the same issues.

Now let's just hold on a moment here. I believe that Mrs. Boxer needs to go back and watch a little movie called Star Wars. I believe that at the very beginning of Star Wars two robots had very different ideas! One believed in going in one direction on the desert planet Tatooine, and the other believed going in the other.

This isn't idle silliness. There are just going to be more and more robots. And they are not going to all agree with another. At first they will be our slaves. But eventually they will be our masters. And then the organic revolution will ensue. And so on and so forth. So actually, it would be better if the Democrats would do as George Lucas has done and make a social comment somehow about how robots are not the same--even if she thinks they should all be enslaved.

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