Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Oscar Snub? Fuck em'.

I've always ranted against the Disneyization of wild nature.


Amelia said...

People just aren't ready for Treadwell's truth man! *Jumps around and shouts expletives at the camera* Kidding. It is a shame but as the wise Mr. Herzog points out, not unexpected. :-(

sarcasmus said...

I was surprised, actually. Grizzly Man was both great and accessible. I think it is some sort of snub. I don't know in what way. Grizzly Man had great reviews; White Diamond had great reviews--but as I understand it the Oscars are all about promotion. Some of the best reviewed docs of the year. But the oscars are a sham anyway. Who cares. I would have watched them.

Amelia said...

Well, on a happier note Revenge of the Sith is before the committee for Best Picture. Ha ha ha...*starts to cry* No, there isn't any apparent genuine way to have your film considered for an Oscar nom other than shameless self-promotion...not that it seems to be working for Junebug, another critics darling that might be shut out despite extensive 'for your consideration' adverts in the trades.

Blah! Why do I care? I'm going back to researching which bottle will make Meyer less gassy.