Friday, January 20, 2006

Baby Killers Anonymous

This is a pretty great Bill O'Reilly transcript.

via cursor

O'REILLY: Cheney comes in, and--number one, do you believe he's the chief architect in the War on Terror? Do you believe Cheney is the chief guy?

SCHEUER: I think the President is the chief guy, sir. But I certainly think that Mr Cheney has an awfully big role in both Iraq and the War on Terror.

O'REILLY: OK. Now he comes in, and he's very cool and confident, as he usually is. He doesn't do a lot of media, but when you see him he's cool and confident. And he basically says, look. We could get attacked, but we have done a tremendous amount of damage to Al-Qaeda. This is Dick Cheney saying this to Neil Cavuto. Do you believe that?

SCHEUER: No, sir. He's whistling past the graveyard, sir.

Well, it's not a great transcript. Well, the transcribing is well done. But it's pretty scary. It's like listening to two too crazy people and feeling sorry for the one that's less crazier than the other one. Or something. It's not pretty.

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