Monday, January 09, 2006

America's Number Source for Poetry

Angry and Sloppy's Poetry Site of the Week:

Jonathan Bourland

And no, I don't know this Jonathan Bourland character, personally. I have been scouring the net for the finest lesser-known poets and graphic designers and I just stumbled upon Mr. Bourland's website on accident. I was amazed by Mr. Bourland's witty style, sense of sound, and sincerity. What intrigues me most is his perfected balance of levity and gravity.

Here's my picture for the Angry and Sloppy "Metaphor for I don't know what of the Week Award." If there are any graphic designers out there who want to turn it into a neat little jpeg badge...go crazy!

Also, I'll take picture requests for the "Metaphor for I don't know what of the Week Award!" email me

(that's a 48 inch Muskie, no joke.)


roro said...

may the squirrels forever pelt the talented mr. bourland with only the softest and tastiest of acorns.

sarcasmus said...

I prefer camels and anteaters.