Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quite possibly the most important blog post in the history of the blog

On the most important blog of the new century. Bring My Shuttle.

...the official Title of the blog has been changed in honor of the most important blog posting for the most important blog of the new century to The Ghost of Sebastian Shaw:


Zentrout said...

Sir, you embarass me. I'm just saying what we all feel. At least those of us in nothing jobs and bills to pay with a kid on the way, a kid who, sadly will never know the delight and wonder somebody once gave us for so long before he threw it all away...

do you remember when the trilogy came to the Continental before the re-releases? You, me, and mike and maybe sara went. That was the best.

sarcasmus said...

hey man, if I move back to D-town, I got rebuild my nerd-cred.

But yes, in these troubled times, all we can do is speak wherefrom we feel.

Anonymous said...

you're damn right i was there! i recall being jealous of a particularly tasty-looking sandwich that mike brought with him...and of grand moft tarkin of course.